K.A. Heritage

A note about the new "Heritage Collection" ...

I have decided to make available vintage items that are sourced and hand picked from around the world.  I have always been passionate about hand fabricated tools and items from another age-made by a dedicated craftsman long since passed. In the spirit of acknowledging those that came before and honoring our ancestors, I will be offering many of these items out of my personal collection.
Each item is unique, tied to the fabric of history and hand made. I personally inspect, restore and recondition each piece before marking it with the "Heritage Chop"- an ode to my personal Swedish & German ancestry, by adding the umlats back to the "O" in my last name and changing the stag skull to a horns down configuration in remembrance of my late father, a modern Viking and full blooded Swede. My hope is to make history personal to each of us, while honoring the work, sacrifices and lives that came before.


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