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Rydbom Heritage Finnish Billnäs 12-1

Rydbom Heritage Collection - Finnish Billnäs 12-1

The White Fell Billnäs

Hand forged in Billnäs Bruks circa 1920 - 1940, in Billnäs Finland. Located in Estonia and imported to the K.A. shop where Dave has restored and refaced this example of one of Billnäs Bruks most beloved model, the 12-1. The largest axe in this 12 series, the 12-1 is an absolutely work horse capable of felling, limbing and everything in between.
Restoration and hand work by Dave included the following: poll was refaced and the collar squared and resurfaced prior to stripping, giving the head nice working finish, done by wire stripping and buffing. The resulting look also highlights the lamination line of hardend high carbon cutting edge into the main head. In truth though, this was one of the cleanest Billnäs heads Dave has had to work with, devoid of much of the damage these incur over the years. The length of the head is still there, the poll was not pounded into a mess, and all the clean angular lines of that classic Finnish deisgn are still there! The cutting angles are classic Fin and a razor sharp slack belt edge finishes things off with a strengthened, yet hair popping working edge.
Shipped up to Quebec, this axe was given a beautiful 25" white ash haft with a graceful curve. The light coloration of this handle has lead to this axe's moniker, the "White Fell". A nod to one of the worlds first werewolf stories, in which the animagis was a pale female huntress with ice bue eyes, and dressed in white furs. 
The pomel is a unique take on the traditional flare that Emile is so adept at hand carving. Fitting the hand perfectly, this new shape strikes an interesting visual balance between a sweeping flare and a more squared off tail. You'll be seeing more and more of this unique handle shape in the future. hand fabricated leather snap sheath was also custom made specifically for this axe while in Quebec to protect the edge. 
Details of this head include original Billnäs Bruks proof marks and stamp markings, as well as the Rydböm Heritage logo etched into the right cheek. From Finland to Estonia, and now into the many lives has this thing touched and what work has it done? Truly a generational piece! Another piece of Heritage...this one 
A wonderful clean example of Scandianvian axe design, this piece would be equally at home taking down trees or bucking up and splitting firewood. Truly a utlitarian masterpiece, collard axes translate their extra heft into cutting force and efficiency all the while looking amazing! A real joy to use.


24.5" OAL
3 lbs
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