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Kingdom Armory Sculpted Titanium Framelock Mega Butcher

A true proportional scale increase of the orginal KA Butcher design, the Mega Butcher is an abs...
A true proportional scale increase of the orginal KA Butcher design, the Mega Butcher is an absolute beast! 8" OAL when open, and closed it is 4 3/4" in length while standing almost 2 1/2" tall! 
This full custom, hand built example was constructed as a framelock out of 6al4 titanium and hand sculpted into the ever popular "chipped flint" or "sculpted" pattern you see in here. Much seen in years passed, Dave was first introduced to this style of texturing by Jens Anso having been a collector of Jens early work. Taking inspiration (and yes with permission), Dave has developed his own methodology and style with this sculpting. Ironically, he still uses the old grinder that was purchased well over a decade ago and financed through the sale of Dave's Anso collection. 
Another unique addtion to this styling, Dave has added some miling details that cut through the sculpting in the frame. This brings a bit of modern techie vibe into the organic feel and of the texture. All the titianum, including the hand fabricated clip and backspacer were given a glass bead blast and then tumbled. The resulting dark grey finish not only looks great as it highlights the highs and lows in the texture, but is also one of those finishes that just keeps looking better as it wears with time and use.
The lock on this build is stabilized with the installation of a Hinderer LBSS (lock bar stabilizer), which Dave licenses from Rick. An elegant and simple way to both keep the bar from flexing under extreme vertical pressures and ensure that the lock isn't accidentally over-sprung (over-traveled), it also brings some more mechanical and functional design to the build. 
The hand hollow ground blade was made from CPM154, a sintered stainless that is the American equivalant of RWL-34 or ATS-34. All long standing and well proven stainless steels and honestly some of Dave's favorites to use. This steel grinds well, takes a nice finish ... in this case, a nice clean satin stonewash...but it is also extremely, uniform in grain structure and highly resistant to corrossion. Dave in fact makes all his kitchen knives from CPM154, and they're right at home sitting in water and gunk in the sink. They always just wipe clean. Easy peasy
The wool felt slip sheath was sewn by Dave, specifically for this folder, on the same West German sewing machine he's had since he was a kid. Thanks to his mother for insisting that he learn to sew! 
A waterproof case further completes the package.

OAL: 8" 
Closed: 4 3/4" 
Standing: 2 1/2" 

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