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Kingdom Armory Bomber Edition-Asym Compound Ground Modified Kiridashi

Dave's closest friends have called him "Bomber" for almost 30 years it just made s...
Dave's closest friends have called him "Bomber" for almost 30 years it just made sense that when Kingdom Armory decided to make available a special tier within the Bench Series, the closest you can get to a full one-off should also be called "Bomber".
Differentiated from Dave's full blown, one-off customs only in that fact that some parts are CNC machine made and delivered to Dave in blank unfinished form. He will utilize small batch CNC'd backspacers and clips for example, but still be texturing the frames and grinding the blades in much the same way he would a custom. And of course each one is fully assembled and tuned under Dave's strict attention to detail. His fingerprints are on every piece.
Completely aware that many other makers would just call this a full custom, Dave still adheres to the ethos that "custom" should mean that as much of the knife as possible be handmade, ensuring that each piece is artistically unique and contain the full work of the craftsman who both designed and personally built it. That is the work that dies with the maker, and the skills to be passed to Dave's sons one day. The fingerprints will be different, but the design language will endure.
Going old school on this Bomber build, Dave went back to circa 2004 with the OG dragonskin texturing he first started doing on Strider SnG's and SMF's for USN forum customs. That effect carried forward into the first production folder design Kingdom released in the 2013 and 2014 mini Samaritans V1 and V2. 
The blade on this build is a unique take on a modified Kiridashi 'esqe or 50/50 tanto. Hand ground by Dave in an Asym Compound grind, it is a thin super slicer with a high swedge and a mean look! The non-presentation side was ground in a way as to intentional leave a bit of "extra meat" corresponding to where the compound grind is opposite. Just a tad more material really adds some additional strength to a thin grind like this. 
Finished of with a uniform glass bead blast and tumble, the grey toned working finish looks both clean and will wear well with carry and use. 
Closed 4.25" 
Open 7.25" 
Weight 5.0 oz 

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