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Kingdom Armory Bench Series Rogue Framelock - Mid-Tech - Beskar Dammy - The All Grey Mando #3

Never before available unless built by hand as a full blown custom, Kingdom Armory is proud to o...

Never before available unless built by hand as a full blown custom, Kingdom Armory is proud to officially release a very special collaboration project between Chad Nichols of Nichols Damascus and Dave Rydbom of Kingdom Armory. These guys have come together in the past to bring uniquely original knives to market, the last time for Mission Workshop in Dave's Unagi design.

This time, the Rogue makes its appearance as a K.A. Bench Series folder.
Faulting on the side of being a stuborn purist, Dave adhears to the true definition of Mid-Tech in his Bench Series Line. As set forth by Rick Hinderer some 30 years ago, a "mid-tech" is a not a true custom nor is it a full production folder. It is rather a knife with a CNC manufactured frame and a hand ground blade, hand fit and hand finished by a craftsman intimately familar with the design and knife industry's expectations. 
As the industry has muddied those waters, often times attempting to pass mid-techs off as full customs and seeking to command premium prices...Dave seeks to cut through that ever present fog of confusion. 
  • Beskar Dammy Model (Individually Numbered!*) - 6al4v Titanium framelock - 3D milled w/solid backspacer and billet milled Ti clip inset into a recessed pocket for durability - all Ti is blasted and tumbled. Hand-ground blade in Chad Nichols hand-forged Stainless Boomerang pattern Damascus - each blade was pulled by Dave, heavily etched to raise the veining, then tumbled to bring a bit more depth and slight matte effect - "This is the Way".... and something Chad and Dave had talked about in the past, making a piece of Damascus look like Mandalorian Beskar  - (what? It's us. Coming from two middle-aged skate punk OG star wars fans now stubborn old, but not that old...Knifemakers) - custom hardware fabricated by Steve Kelly of Ti Connector. Each knife then fully inspected, assembled, tuned, adjusted and hand sharpened by Dave Rydbom personally.
  • Of note * This is the last of the Beskar Rogue Midtechs. It is serial Number 3 (you will be purchasing the actual folder shown in the photos) This knife was cherry picked by Dave and stuck in his curio cabinet, where he promptly forgot about it. (Don't ask, senial) Well, here it is! 
  • And it's special. Dave tumbled the finish on this blade to matte it out, instead of high polishing like the previous Beskars were. Maybe that's a bit more Mando??? Additionally, Dave milled a lockbar release detail into the frame, reground the swedge for a tad more pointInesS, and switched out to a bigger ball detent for a different cycling feel. (that sure sounds weird said outloud!) Firm engagement! (not helping...)
Designed in and named for the Valley in which Kingdom Armory exists, the Rogue and its sister knife the Rook were both created as a "spydie flicking" taylored design. (made for deployment using the middle finger) The oval slot is sized for easy thumb use if you'd prefer...but, "F" it! Use the bird, and be a little unique! Be a Rogue...


OAL - 7 1/2" 
Closed - 4 1/4"
Blade - 3 1/2" 
Belly - 1 1/2" 
Weight - 5.6 oz

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