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KA Heritage Collection - 13th Century Kievan Rus Viking Hammer

KA Heritage Collection - 13th Century Kievan Rus - Viking Hammer  

Having recently displayed and sold this hammer's cousin at the recent KA Reliquarium art show on November 1st, I humbly present another truly unique and ancient Heritage Collection piece for your consideration...
Located in clay rich soil in the Ukraine, this 800 yr old hammer head was acquired and shipped to the KA shop for restoration. Arriving as a solid rusted mass, it spent four full days suspended in an anode/cathode bath being stripped by electrolysis. Upon removal it was then hand wire wheeled buffed prior to soaking in penetrating oil for a few more days. 
Sent to Quebec Canada, this ancient relic was further authenticaed by Trinity Boletus while having a custom white ash handle fabricated and fitted. Incredible to think that this blacksmiths chasing hammer was discarded and probably hasn't worn a handle for 8 centuries! What stories it could tell?
Showing typical wear patterns of having been used long term by a right handed craftsman, this head also speaks to the force with which is was swung as evidenced in it's slight bent orientation. Each side moved over slightly as it was rotated in hand and used, creating a faint "S" turn if sight down the head.
Although this particular head does not exhibit any Norse Pagan symbols such as the "Odin's Wheel", previously located examples from this same region have, further speaking to the culture and timeframe from which these tools were created and used. This chasing hammer is decorated in a familar linear pattern that is still instantly recognizeable as Nordic Viking influenced. In fact, the aforementioned hammer displayed in the Reliquarium show exhibited this same pattern into which the Odin's Wheels were stamped around.

*A note about the Kievan Rus peoples

Established in 882 by southern moving Vikings out of what is now modern day Finnland and Estonia, the Kievan Rus culture flourished for the better part of 5 centuries as a trading link to Constantinople and the Byxantine Empire. Wiped out in the 1240's by invading Monguls, the Kievan Rus culture is claimed as the orginal ancestors of Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine.  
Now rediscovered and preserved for future cultures, this ancient relic is cased and ready to display as the museum piece it should be. An American black walnut display with Arcylic cover holds and protects the hammer, while the hand stamped brass placard annouces its original orgins and age. Marked with the Rydbom Heritage Logo, this will stand for generations as a true Heritage piece of world history to hopefully be enjoyed for another 800 years!


Case 17" L X 7" H X 4" W

Weight with case: 3.6 lbs 

Hammer: 12 1/2" L X 6 1/4" W (head)

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