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KA Heritage Billnäs

Rydböm Heritage Collection - Finnish Billnäs 32-2 From Dave's Personal Collection Truly a rare...

Rydböm Heritage Collection - Finnish Billnäs 32-2

From Dave's Personal Collection

Truly a rare bird! The Billnäs 32 series as described in the 1928 finnish catalog have always intriqued Dave in their size and aesthetic. A larger timber cruiser/multipurpous design, the 32's just weren't made anywhere in the number of their more popular collared cousins the 12 sereis. Having looked for one for years, a collegue in Sewden tracked down this example and shipped it over about 9 months ago. Orginally manufactured in Billnäs, Finnland at the orginal Bruk (forge) that has sat on the same mill pond since the 1600's.... this particular axe was forged during the 1930's.

Restoration and hand work by Dave included the following: poll was refaced and the collar squared and resurfaced prior to stripping. Final finish was done by hand on a wire wheel, to produce a nice satin working finish that will wear well and be easy to clean and touch up in the future.  A razor sharp slack belt edge finishes things off with a strengthend yet hair popping working edge.
Shipped up to Quebec, this axe was given a beautiful 25" white ash haft by axe specialist Emile Bournival. The overal profile of the handle work produced a wonderfully balanced axe, with one of the most unique looks you can come across! A hand fabricated leather snap sheath was also custom made specficaly for this axe while in Quebec to protect the edge. 

Direct from Dave's personal collection and only being offered becuase as luck would hae it, he has recently found another example in Sweden that is in transit currently. The cobbler wears no shoes!
Weight 5 lbs

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