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KA Heritage - August Hedvall Felling Axe - Timmeryxa

Stand in the shadow of a Giant. Swede August Hedvall 1866 - 1900 was known as "the Giant" durin...
Stand in the shadow of a Giant. Swede August Hedvall 1866 - 1900 was known as "the Giant" during his tenure as head of the Uraförs Yxabrik. His personally forged axes are iconic and absolute perfection in design and construction. As a habit, Dave usually pulls every one he comes across to add to his personal collection...only recently deciding to release a few for public consumption. 


By default, most axes made by the Giant are...well, Giant! His hewing axes are often twice the size of most others of the day and although I'm sure he could use them single handed, though you'll want to keep both hands on them as a mere mortal. Spoiler alert- Thanos was real, and he was a Swedish Black Smith!

This Hedvall example is a pattern that Dave hadn't seen before but is essentially a Swedish felling axe. What is especially interesting is that this head is double maker stamped from multiple time periods. Although not super common, you will come across very old Swedish heads that wear different makers and forge marks. These are "tats" that these tools acquire as they are reworked and repaired throughout their lives. This old world tradition is fitting to come across, as Dave also marks the axes he restores for posterities sake. Ironically, Dave usually doesn't do that to Hedvall work however as a nod of respect to the Giant. Perhaps that habit is misplaced, and so the Rydböm Chop has been added. I think August would approve.

Made by Hedvall and wearing the super deep struck "AH" on the cheek, the head is also marked on the opposite with "IM" "HULTS BRUKÅBY". Although the spoken tongue died with Dave's grandmother and only some Swedish speaking remains with Emily's side of the family... I believe that translates into essentially, Hults Forge Used. Perhaps Hults Bruk repaired the head years after it was forged by Hedvall, maybe it was old uraförs inventory that was bought up by Hults Bruks when Uraförs closed up.... the mystery makes it history! 

Obviously well used, and well loved through the timeline. Made by Hedvall, it predates the 1900's in its original manufacture. Arriving here directly from Sweden, this head was caked with layers upon layers of epoxy based paint. Dave, chemically stripped the paint then hand wire wheel finished the rest after refacing the poll. Deep strike marks and scars were left as proof of life. 

Hung on a 28" Full burn detailed White Ash haft, that was hand crafted by restoration expert Emile Bournival out of Quebec Canada. The thin whippy nature of this handle just begs to be swung with it's graceful curve and balance. A subtle white paint antiquing process was added during the wax rubbing process just for a better cohesion of time, making it look as if it's already been swung by the Ghost of the Giant!


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