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KA Custom One off fixed blade - OD paracord cordwrap

Part of last week's fixed blade fury...this knife just wasn't ready to drop last week. Dave went...
Part of last week's fixed blade fury...this knife just wasn't ready to drop last week. Dave went after this one initially with a chartreuse cordwrap that given the state of his existence....ended up filthy dirty by the time it was sheathed and done. Oh well... it gave us an opportunity to film an upcoming cordwrapping instructional for the coming launch of "Kingdom Classes".
OD green cord now makes up the handle, and matches nicely with the green Kydex (actually it's Boltralon, cause that material scuffs less). Clean and simple, this would make a fantastic lightweight bushcraft or pack blade.
Constructed of high carbon steel for toughness, and heat treated by Bos. It will as a result strike a ferro rod if you choose to add it to  your survival swag. Blade was given a two tone fish, with the flats left in the heat color and tumbled while the grinds have a satin scotch brite finish. This should help mitigate the corrosion of the carbon steel, but a light coat of oil is always a good idea for carbon blades. Trade off for toughness and flexibility, but proven throughout time!
Sort of a thinner and longer profile with a bit of KA stavesacre vibe shake and baked in, the result is a bit more linear layout with just enough belly to function well as a skinner. Stab skinner? Whatever. It's sharp! Handmade! And inherently showing of Dave's trademark design language in appearance...
Cord left with tail ends should you chose to knot them into a wrist lanyard, or you can cut them loose (or have Dave do it) if you'd prefer it without. Tek Lock attached to sheath to accomodate just about any style of carry.
OAL of 9.5" with a 5" blade

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