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KA Custom Masada Framelock Tanto

KA Custom Masada Framelock Tanto

Gone, but never forgotten! The Masada was the second folder Dave ever designed. Based on the popular Samaritan design, and utilizing the same frame... but never made anywhere near the numbers the Sammy was.
The Masada was a passion project for Dave as he has always loved  the lines of a good tanto, and was at the time deeply involved in the tactical world where tantos hold special sway. Conversations at the time with Seal team members as well as several LEO Swat units, two tanto models were born. The fixed blade version coined the "Seraphim" became the team knife of our local Sheriff's Swat unit on which two of Dave's dear friends served. The folder, became known as the Masada as both a tribute to the ancient fortress that was besieged by the Romans... but also as a tip of the hat to MagPul industries that was developing their own weapon at that time of the same name. Any of  you gun heads will know about the time frame that happened, and also know that went on to become the bushmaster ACR. Masada sounds way cooler!
Jump forward a handful of years, and Dave decided to set aside a number of folder designs.. the Masada among them. Always willing to blow it big time, but eventually self correct, Dave has brought back two of those designs that really should never have gone anywhere dumb dumb. The Masada is back!
Constructed from .187 thick 6al4V titanium, every folder is completely hand built by Dave. This one had it's frame first contoured by hand on a slack belt to create a nice rounded CC'd "melted" contour. It was then fixtured up and hand milled to create the "stag" texture that follows that contour. Akin to a jigged sandbar stag look, but in titanium instead of horn or bone, Dave simply refers to it as having been "stag'd". 
Backspacer and clip are both fabricated from the same titanium, as are the pivot collars. Which in this application, work in conjunction with the pivot and lockbar to double as a lockbar stabilizer and over-travel stop. The "hub cap" pivot is an extremely streamlined and clean way to mechanically stablize the locking system of a framelock without being obtrusive or overly complicated. Or more importantly, hidden inside of a frame where if it were to work itself loose... the end user would have to take the whole frame apart to tighten up their lockbar stabilizer. The insides should be simple, God knows our personal insides are complicated enough! KISS
The blade was cut and hand ground from Swedish RWL-34, a high quality sintered stainless made in Sweden and metalurgically akin to CPM-154 or ATS-34. It is tight grained, tough, holds a great edge, and grinds/buffs smooth. In this build, it is wearing a satin stonewashed finish. The primary edge is hollow ground with a traditional primary/secondary cutting edge layout. The nose of the tanto however is a steeper zero flat grind for strength and piercing power (hmm...not sure that sounded right!)

A few subtle milling details and a stonewashed finish complete the frame, and Bob's your uncle!
Lockup at 25% on face, bank vault solid w/smooth release on carbidized lockface. Blade riding on stainless pivot w/phosphor bronze washers, ceramic detent. Butter smooth and long lasting w/minimal maintenance required.

Masada - out of retirement and ready for work


8.5" OAL
3.75" Blade
6.5 oz
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