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Kingdom Armory Bench Series Framelock Rook - Acid-Washed

The Kingdom Armory Rook was the first knife specifically designed for middle finger "spydie flic...
The Kingdom Armory Rook was the first knife specifically designed for middle finger "spydie flicking", placing the opening hole (in this case an oval) more centrally located and naturally where your middle finger would be placed on the frame. The resulting blade and frame change is subtle, but unique within the industry and has become a staple in two different folder designs for Dave - the Rook and the Rogue.
In the works since October of 2020, Kingdom Armory and Nichols Damascus have been working to bring the Rook to market to take its place alongside its already popular sister knife, the Bench Series Rogue. Having been technically designed first, the Rook has patiently stepped to the side as the Rogue has been produced as both Bench Series Mid Techs, and Bomber Edition semi-customs. Finally, the time has arrived for the Rook and its unique blade shape and grind to step forward.

Made using the Gen 2 full contoured frame design only previously used in the Bomber Edition damascus Rogues, but coming in the next Bench Series release. Akin to the Strider CC'd frame profile, this frame is fully 3D milled to achieve the domed profile that is so comfortable in both the hand and pocket. An EDC favorite, and a great way to make an overbuilt framelock carry friendly. A stonewashed finish on all the Ti. 

All frames are precision 3d milled out of 6al4V titanium with solid backspacers and solid one piece milled pocketclips. Hinderer LBSS overtravel disks installed for frame stability and used under license from Hinderer Knives. Blade finish is a nicely uniformed acid wash, that darkens up nicely with CTS-XHP. Manufactured in house at Nichols Damascus in Blue Springs, Mississippi, these folders are a true mid-tech amalgam of CNC precision frame work and hand ground blades.

OAL: 7 3/8" 
Blade length: 3 3/8" 
Weight: 5.8 ounces

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