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Kingdom Armory Stag Pattern Tumbled Boomerang Dammy Bomber-Edition Framelock

Dave's closest friends have called him "Bomber" for almost 30 years it just made sens...

Dave's closest friends have called him "Bomber" for almost 30 years it just made sense that when Kingdom Armory decided to make available a special tier within the Bench Series, the closest you can get to a full one-off should also be called "Bomber".
Differentiated from Dave's full blown, one-off customs only in that fact that some parts are CNC machine made and delivered to Dave in blank unfinished form. He will utilize small batch CNC'd backspacers and clips for example, but still be texturing the frames and grinding the blades in much the same way he would a custom. And of course each one is fully assembled and tuned under Dave's strict attention to detail. His fingerprints are on every piece.
Completely aware that many other makers would just call this a full custom, Dave still adheres to the ethos that "custom" should mean that as much of the knife as possible be handmade, ensuring that each piece is artistically unique and contain the full work of the craftsman who both designed and personally built it. That is the work that dies with the maker, and the skills to be passed to Dave's sons one day. The fingerprints will be different, but the design language will endure.
In this iteration - These Bomber edition folders had frames, clips and backspacers precisioned machined by Chad Nichols of Nichols Damascus in Blue Springs, MS. Chad delivered those parts in the last run of Bench Series Rogues he and Dave recently released.
  • From there, Dave hand jigged the Ti frame to create that very cool "stag pattern" and finished all the Titanium in a glass bead blast and tumbled finish, which creates a nice grey finish with a bit lighter highs and darker lows. A finish that wears extremely well, and actually looks better and better with use.
  • Always leaning a bit toward a thin slicer, Dave hand hollow ground this blade out of Chad's stainless boomerang pattern stainless damascus.
  • The blade was further detailed by a deep etch to raise the veins, then a final tumble in the stonewash rig. The result creates a finish the we've really come to appreciate around here. Almost antique in appearance, the method gives damascus a depth and feel that you just can't create any other way. Even more intersting is the hidden pattern that emerges. When tumbled there is another phenomeon that happens, as light strikes the dimensional highs and lows of the pattern. You just don't see that in a traditional one step etch. Only after the pattern is really raised and tumbled do you notice the subtle way light plays of the blade, increasing the depth of what's going on there. Like a topo map made in steel! 
OAL - 7 1/2" 
Closed - 4 1/4"
Blade - 3 1/2" 
Belly - 1 1/2" 
Weight - 5.6 oz

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