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KA Heritage Urafors - Per Stahlberg Axe

Urafors forge or Yxfabrik (axe fabrication) produced some of Sweden's finest axes from 1840 to 1...

Urafors forge or Yxfabrik (axe fabrication) produced some of Sweden's finest axes from 1840 to 1960, having been sold several times previously, once in 1870 and then again in 1900. The quality of workmanship and particularly the uniformity of heat treat still makes these axes highly sought after tools, even after 170 years!

 Located in Sweden, and shipped to the KA shop where it was stripped and cleaned by Dave. This particular head was forged by Per Stahlberg who was one of the two new owners of Urafors when it was sold in 1870 firmly dating this piece in that 1870 to 1900 timeframe. Cleaned, stripped and buffed this head shows plenty of high carbon laminated cutting edge left. The poll was refaced, but does show evidence of having been heat treated a bit too hard. Still, there's another 100 years of life left, just don't try and drive metal rebar into the ground... that's not what it's for anyway. 

Perhaps one of the cooler markings this head picked up in the past is the "Christian Fish" that was chiseled into it.... or maybe that's just what I'm seeing? Maybe it's runes I can't read??? Maybe it's both? It is from the old world afterall, why can't it be Christian and Pagan at the same time. Swedish heathens and their axes!

Regarding the design of this axe:

A traditional shape in Scandinavian axe design, the collared axe was orginally a function driven design element. Having forests of birch nearby to utilize as handle material, the countries of the North Men found a way to work around the relative weakness of that birch wood. The collar helps spread shock and impact forces during use, and greatly decreased the stress on the handles and subsequent breakage. Had they lived amongst forests of Hickory or Ash trees, you'd probably have never seen a collared axe design.

Hung on a 22.5" White Ash haft by Emile Bournival, it was given the two tone paint detail upon return to the KA Shop.


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